Weekly Article Roundup- May 2-6th


Relax, You Probably Call Your Mom Enough

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, many people wonder if they’re calling their mothers enough. Statistically, most kids feel that one to two times a week is adequate and most mothers feel comfortable with this frequency.


Supervised autonomous in vivo robotic surgery on soft tissues is feasible 

The title of this article seems like a no-brainer to me, but we’re finally getting to the point where robots will actually be able to do surgery. This article explores the additional experiments that have been done and how scientists and doctors are gauging the effectiveness.


Data Without Emotion Doesn’t Bring About Change

“There is no evidence that anyone has ever been converted by a pie chart”. I love this article, because it’s absolutely true. Data can be used to back up facts, but it needs to have a story that can be told for an audience to be engaged.

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