Weekly Article Roundup- May 23-27

I know I have discussed sports and hockey analytics on here before, so I will take that very loose thread of relevancy to say that the SAN JOSE SHARKS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!!!!  Since that is out of my system, on to our regularly scheduled programming: * Life transition seen through music listening This is an […]

Weekly Article Roundup- May 16-19

* A Complete Tutorial to Work on Big Data with AWS This is a pretty basic tutorial but extremely well written and goes through the process step by step.   * Gentle Strength for Robots The Asimov fan girl in me is all over this. A soft actuator is being developed so that robots will know how […]

Weekly Article Roundup- May 9-13

* Is it illegal for Facebook to memorize your facial features?  The title of this article sounds much more alarming than it actually is… Facebook is scanning the facial features on photos uploaded it its platform. Still, even though it is not doing a live scan of your face, that data has to be stored somewhere, […]

Telling Stories with Data

I had a post last week in my Weekly Article Roundup that read “There is no evidence that anyone has been converted through a pie chart.” I think that phrase really struck a chord with me because I have been doing independent study to get into data science, and as much as I love math […]

65daysofstatic and No Man’s Sky

In one of those “I liked them before they were cool” not-so-humble brag moments, I’ve been listening to 65daysofstatic since 2004 when they came out with The Fall of Math. I worked at a record store at the time and was finding new music left and right, and this is one of the bands that […]

Weekly Article Roundup- May 2-6th

  * Relax, You Probably Call Your Mom Enough With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, many people wonder if they’re calling their mothers enough. Statistically, most kids feel that one to two times a week is adequate and most mothers feel comfortable with this frequency.   * Supervised autonomous in vivo robotic surgery on soft tissues […]