Out with Old, Back in with the New Old

I refuse to become one of those people who limits themselves to a certain “musical prime” from their youth. I admit that 2004-2011 was my peak in actively seeking out new music and being in the loop with the indie genre. Thanks Pitchfork! I have made it my goal this year to catch up in a […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Over the past few months I have done a lot of soul searching on where I fit in with data science. I kept trying to fit my interests in to what was happening and I realized… I despise it. The realization occured when I was taking a Coursera course on statistics, and while I recognize it’s […]

Weekly Article Roundup- August 22-26

* How the Brightest Minds in AI Are Using Gaming to Reinforce Learning  This article outlines how game developers are using artificial intelligence to pioneer fronts on gaming, including No Man’s Sky, whose soundtrack features 65daysofstatic… one of my all-time favorite bands.   * Interactive Data Visualization of Geospatial Data using D3.js, DC.js, Leaflet.js and Python A […]