Weekly Article Roundup- August 1-5

As we get closer to the election there will be a number of articles popping up about the US Presidential election. Note that these articles are posted out of an interest for the numbers and data analysis, but I might as well state up front what party I am a member of:


Because seriously? Who can’t get behind a message such as this:


Now that we have that awkwardness out of the way, on to our regularly scheduled program!

Twitter Facial Analysis Reveals Demographics of Presidential Campaign Followers

An interesting breakdown of the demographics for supporters of each candidate.

What that Election Probability Means

Some great visual demonstrations of the current polls and the likelihood of the two major candidates of securing a victory. This was put together in late July so this will likely swing dramatically before the November election.

How I built a Slack bot to help me find an apartment in SF

I don’t live in the city for many reasons, but this is a great set of code to crawl Craigslist ads in the search for a place to live in San Francisco.

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