Weekly Article Roundup- July 25-29

* Formulation of Adversarial Machine Learning Machine learning is being used to implement additional security measures… this may be the future of cyber-security   * This Guy Trains Computers to Find Future Criminals This is something to keep one’s eye on… these predictive analytics can become quite scary if you think about one wrong thing you say can […]

Weekly Article Roundup- July 18-22

* Five Things I Learned from Making a Chart out of Body Parts A hilarious look at the process of data visualization. * Non-Mathematical Feature Engineering Techniques for Data Science “Apply Machine Learning like the great engineer you are, not like the great Machine Learning expert you aren’t.” Word. * How to Start Deep Learning A great list […]

Weekly Article Roundup: July 11-15

* Why to Not Trust Statistics I’m in the process of studying for a data science program, and this is a long held belief of mine… one I’ll have to get over. At the very least I can do them some justice? * A Look Inside Facebook’s Data Center Not an article but more of a slide […]

Weekly Article Roundup- July 4- July 8

It’s been a busy week so my comments are abbreviated, but still some great articles published! Definitely check them out. * Study Poses Major Flaw in Classic Artificial Intelligence Test An interesting look at the classic test. * Every Noise at Once I’m an audio nerd at heart… I love these visualizations.   * Surprising History of the […]

Weekly Article Roundup: June 27-July 1

* Non-Mathematical Feature Engineering Techniques for Data Science I like this article because it encourages thinking outside of just making sure that your algorithm is perfect. Both sides of the brain go into representing data in such a way that your message is communicated. * Statistics is Dead: Long Live Data Science Interesting take on the fact […]