Weekly Article Roundup: June 20-24

* The Three Types of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Movies I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any movie with this dude in it, but by all accounts I haven’t seen most movies (Scarface, The Wizard of Oz have seemed to offend people the most). That being said, The Rock seems like a pretty nice guy, […]

Weekly Article Roundup- June 13-17

* Nearly impossible to predict mass shootings with current data A tough subject this week but an important set of data to look at, since data relies on trends, not the “one off” cases.   * Everything you know about AI is wrong A good article that will but some minds at ease (man-killing robots likely to […]

Weekly Article Roundup- June 6-10

* Commute Map This is an incredible and somewhat hypnotizing data visualization that shows where people commute to work for any given country. Living in the Bay Area, one of the most stupidly expensive housing markets in the country, it was no surprise to see a wide range of dots all converge on San Jose.   […]

Weekly Article Roundup- May 30-June 3

* Artificial General Intelligence- The Holy Grail of AI AGI is about the “brain” that brings together all branches of AI and searches to integrate these pieces to perform human tasks. This article explains how scientists are seeking to accomplish this as well as the tests they put in front of their algorithms to get closer […]