Weekly Article Roundup- May 30-June 3

Artificial General Intelligence- The Holy Grail of AI

AGI is about the “brain” that brings together all branches of AI and searches to integrate these pieces to perform human tasks. This article explains how scientists are seeking to accomplish this as well as the tests they put in front of their algorithms to get closer to their goal.


Reverse Engineering a Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel

A quick, cute read of a programmer bored in his hotel and investigating the streaming channels. Not a very thorough article… nor is it even really an article, but at the end it made me giggle.


The Privacy Problem with Digital Assistants

Interesting layman’s read on the security issues that arise with digital assistances such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. This article outlines the risks and data that is logged with every search and the quest to make these interactions more secure.


The Future of Humanity’s Food Supply is in the Hands of AI

Farmers are using new technologies to crowdsource information on crops, and using big data to see when it’s time to plant, etc.

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