Weekly Article Roundup- June 6-10

Commute Map

This is an incredible and somewhat hypnotizing data visualization that shows where people commute to work for any given country. Living in the Bay Area, one of the most stupidly expensive housing markets in the country, it was no surprise to see a wide range of dots all converge on San Jose.


Statistical Natural Language Processing in Python

Alternate titles to this post: ‘How to Do Things With Words. And Counters’ or ‘Everything I nEeded to Know About NLP I Learned from Sesame Street. Except Kneser-Ney Smoothing. The Count Didn’t Cover That’


Building a Data Science Portfolio

A good list of starting points to build up your portfolio for an interview.

5 Tips for Learning to Code for Visualization

These tips can be broken down for learning anything: Pick an environment you’re comfortable with, learn the basics, pick a project, RTFM (read the f***ing manual, as we say in the audio world), and go and do it!

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