Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes


Over the past few months I have done a lot of soul searching on where I fit in with data science. I kept trying to fit my interests in to what was happening and I realized… I despise it. The realization occured when I was taking a Coursera course on statistics, and while I recognize it’s value in many applications, I dislike the bending of numbers to conform to a desired answer/outcome. The nail in the coffin was how wildly off the predictions for the US Presidential election were (I’m looking at you, fivethirtyeight). I don’t want to work on projects like that. I like precision and detail… and did I mention I hate statistics?

On the bright side, I got the opportunity to do some audio restoration on a film project for a friend, and I realized how happy I was working in Pro Tools. So over the break I took the plunge and upgraded to Pro Tools 12 from version-way-too-old-okay-it-was-Pro-Tools-9.

That being said, I’m back, I’m excited for the new changes not only with this blog but with my career. Thanks for reading… and stay tuned!



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