Currently Listening: The Stone Roses

And no, nothing I am listening to comes off of  ‘Second Coming’

If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I am BEYOND excited for all of the new music coming out this year. One of the bands that I’m most stoked about is Slowdive, a classic shoe-gaze band from the early 90’s (listen to their new song here… do it!). This combined with the gray skies as of late and BOOM, all I want to listen to is British guys with lots of reverb and electric guitars that melt together in a big droning wall of sound.

The Stone Roses vary from some of the other seminal shoe-gazers (such as My Bloody Valentine*) in that you get the vocals sitting front and center, as opposed to deeply buried in the mix. The vocals always seem to be just as smooth as the instrumentals that back them up so I find the combination to be very relaxing (and dare I say) more upbeat.

Here are a few tracks I’ve been digging the past few days:

Elephant Stone

Sally Cinnamon

* I’m only referring to ‘Loveless’… please diehard MBV fans please don’t kill me 🙂

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