Weekly Article Roundup- May 9-13

Is it illegal for Facebook to memorize your facial features? 

The title of this article sounds much more alarming than it actually is… Facebook is scanning the facial features on photos uploaded it its platform. Still, even though it is not doing a live scan of your face, that data has to be stored somewhere, which is the part that concerns me. It will be interesting to see how the courts rule on this one.

Artificial Intelligence Course Creates AI Teaching Assistant

IBM’s Watson technology is seeking to fulfill an issue that has popped up with the propagation of online courses and their massive size of students per virtual classroom. Using the technology’s ability to provide a clear and concise answer when asked a question, this AI teacher’s assistant is attempting to fill the gap efficiently and cost effectively.

* Statistics for No Man’s Sky

Okay, the numbers for this game area ridiculous… I can’t even look at them without getting a little dazed and drool coming out of my mouth. This is the game coming out next month that has been widely talked about for it’s nearly infinite number of worlds… their goal was to create a gaming universe where you could essentially do anything. The numbers are impressive, and extra bonus that the music is done by one of my favorite bands, 65daysofstatic.

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