65daysofstatic and No Man’s Sky

In one of those “I liked them before they were cool” not-so-humble brag moments, I’ve been listening to 65daysofstatic since 2004 when they came out with The Fall of Math. I worked at a record store at the time and was finding new music left and right, and this is one of the bands that has stuck with me ever since.

The Fall of Math was a concept album about the end of the world, and I interpreted it from start to finish as an epic story about survival. Their sound is more gritty than the strings and light guitars you find in normal post rock music (think Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky), and the distortion is done with a uniquely elegant touch. Long story short, they have long since earned and acquired a spot on my coveted “Blythe’s All Time Favorite Bands” list. Congrats!

Fast forward to 2016, I discovered that not only was 65dos coming out with a new album, but they have been working on sound and music for a video game called No Man’s Sky. According to my gamer friends, this has been a title that has been talked about for some time due to their ambitions to make a truly infinite game universe. This is done in a procedural nature, with characters and worlds being generated by computer algorithms. In turn, so will all of the music and sound effects that go with it.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, I’m only qualified to say that I think the artwork and styling looks awesome, and it also happens to be based on sci-fi elements, so I actually can’t wait to try it. I absolutely AM qualified to say that I know the music and sound will be amazing. No Man’s Sky comes out on June 21st, and a collection of songs from the game by 65daysofstatic will be released on June 17th.

Here is the trailer with some guy blathering over the music, aka the No Man’s Sky official trailer:


Here is the song, just and pure and awesome on its own:


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