Weekly Article Roundup- April 25-29

Who will live and who will die on “Game of Thrones”, according to statistics

A project called A Song of Ice and Data (naturally) was put together using the data from the show’s wiki site. Combining this data along with the characteristics of the characters determined who was most likely to kick it.

Robots may be able to lift, drive and chat, but are they safe and trustworthy?

One of the challenges with incorporating robots more into our daily lives is a sense of trust. MIT Professor Emeritus Sheridan explores the factors that need to be explored before we hand over our safety, and in some cases our lives, to automation.

The New Approach to Customer Service: Big Data Analytics

Customer service used to be one of the ways that companies could ensure return business. However, using analytics, they can anticipate the needs of customers before they even realize they have them.

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