Weekly Article Roundup- March 28- April 1

** The Physician and the Fitbit- Why Doctors and Administrators Don’t Love Wearables

Fitbits (and the like) may make us feel good about taking 3 million steps in a day, but doctors aren’t so keen on taking that generated information at face value. Unfortunately, some of the data generated by these devices are either not useful and/or inaccurate. While there are some serviceability, such as pulse and blood pressure monitoring, the technology isn’t there yet. However, the doctors are hopeful about the future generations of wearable data.

** What is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics and Data Science

An oldie (June 2014), but a goodie. I’m not even going to attempt to summarize, just click the link.

** Statistics and the Rise of Steph Curry

Admittedly, I’m more of a hockey gal myself (Go Sharks!), but the NBA has been fun to watch the past few years… mostly due to the Warriors and Steph Curry.
This article could use a little more graphs and numbers for my taste, but the summary of the data that is there is fascinating.
[Note: This will likely be the only post you’ll ever see about sports on here… unless the Sharks win the Stanley Cup. In that case, I have several friends that would need to be reminded via extra data visuals that my team is superior.]

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