Oblique Strategies

    Whether I am stuck on a Python problem, a data conundrum, or I am in the middle of a mix with nowhere to go, sometimes a random phrase can get the mind thinking in a new direction. Enter: Oblique Strategies. This was originally a single card deck created by artist Peter Schmidt and the mighty Brian […]

Weekly Article Roundup- March 21-25

* The Immortalist: Uploading the Mind to a Computer Dmitry Itskov, a Russian millionaire, has dedicated some of his fortune to making sure that one’s consciousness (thus themselves, depending on who you talk to) can theoretically exist forever. I’m personally on the fence about this, as we haven’t been able to map enough of the human brain, […]

Tape Op… Do It

Back in college I was the president of the audio club… the Audio Production and Engineering Club to be exact (APEC). One of my friends knew the subjects of my ramblings and coined a term for me based off of ‘The Office’: Pro Tools. Tape Op. Battlestar Galactica. I can’t really say that was far […]

Left Handed Kisses

It has been quite a while since I’ve been really enthusiastic about new music, which means that Spiritualized and The National are overdue for some new albums. Much to my utter joy, Andrew Bird is releasing a new album April 1st, and the single features another old time favorite, Fiona Apple! Saucy lyrical banter, violins, […]

Invitation to the Game

I was recently at a weekend Python bootcamp, and the topic came up of how jobs are becoming automated by either robots or AI (artificial intelligence), that all jobs that pay under $20/hour will be eliminated in the next 30 years. AI, robotics, and big data are accelerating at such an intense speed, there is […]

New Data Blog: Positronic Lab

Hi all! I have decided to separate my data blogging from my audio portfolio site. For all data, Python, and other related ramblings check out Positronic Lab. If you’d like to peruse my portfolio and hear more about my audio ramblings, stay tuned right here!

Weekly Article Round-Up- March 6- March 11

Here are a few of the stories that I’ve been reading into this week: * We Now Have Algorithms to Predict Police Misconduct A little controversial for a Friday, but still an interesting thought nonetheless. Several police departments run lighter versions of this algorithm analyzing police performance in order to catch any potential patterns that could lead […]

Genetic Testing Could Result in a Denial of Life Insurance

As technology has advanced, more data than ever has been generated through every click made on the internet and beyond. Every day we generate roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data… and I promise I didn’t make up the word “quintillion”. This data is constantly being generated, sold, analyzed and pumped into graphs and visuals in every technological […]